The complaint was one vertical line across the left screen of LCD TV. First I did not know it was intermittent until I pressed on the top screen location where the vertical line was located. The moment I pressed the screen the vertical line goes off and the display was back to normal. When I released my hand the vertical line came back. Normally a one vertical line problem is hard to repair and most of the time it was the LCD panel fault (bad LCD driver IC, TCP package torn and controller IC).Image result for tv technician

After the controller board aluminium casing was removed, I search for the Tape Carrier Package (TCP) that located right to the vertical line with the help of the white tape.

Please make sure you discharge all the static from your body by using a wrist strap before opening the controller cover as the components in the controller board are extra sensitive.

When I pressed on the suspected TCP I found that the vertical line gone so it is confirmed that it was dry contact problem (connection problem) between the TCP and the controller board. There is no way we can solder the board as the soldering gun will immediately melts the TCP. The bond was done in factory and the factories have a special type of equipment to do the bonding job.

Since I could not do any soldering on the TCP lg tv repair london decided to use the pressure method. Now get a good quality rubber where the elasticity will last for many years. One way to get the rubber is to get it from the CRT picture tube. Those rubbers located at the side of the CRT yoke coils and you could easily see one the moment you open up a CRT TV cover.

Cut some of the rubber and place it on the joint (bonding) between the TCP and the controller board as shown in the picture. Just place the rubber on top of it and gently cover back the controller board with the aluminium casing. The cover will put some pressure on it and press against the contact between the TCP and the controller board.

After everything was done, I let it run for many days and it worked perfectly okay and even until today there was no similar complaint from the customer. You can apply this tip too on problem with one horizontal line across screen.


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