Cheap Travel Tips – For Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Whether it be for business or pleasure, almost all us spend some part of our lives travelling, sometimes over extremely long distances. Therefore, comment voyager sans argent to discover the cheapest travel available is natural. Aside from trawling the internet travel comparison sites for the best deal, there are various other easy to pursue strategies for minimising your travel costs, whether, like Steve Martin and John Candy for the reason that great movie, you’re going by trains planes and automobiles!

Train Travel

The best advice to make a reservation for a train journey would be to book early. Some great deals can be acquired by booking well before your departure date, if it is possible to do so. You may be able to book an initial Class ticket for less than a typical Class ticket by booking early.

Secondly, you should avoid travelling on the train at peak times. Tickets for this period (generally within the period when people happen to be and from work) are usually a lot more expensive than off-peak trains.

Thirdly, check the web train reservation sites to ascertain whether it’s cheaper to book your rail tickets in segments, rather than simply pay for a through ticket to your final destination. By booking a ticket from Station A to A and then another from Station B to C can often be cheaper than booking one ticket from Station A to C. It is well worth checking it out.

Plane Travel

Of course, there are many travel comparison sites offering cheap airline travel. Similarly, there are various low-cost airlines now in operation. It is worthwhile spending a little time, however, to check precisely what your flight includes. If you consider the following matters, you might well be able to cut costs.

Baggage – what’s the baggage allowance for your flight? Is it free? If not, how much will it cost for to take checked luggage and cabin luggage? Do you know the penalties for exceeding your allowance?

On board facilities – can you receive complimentary refreshments? Or even, what is the expense of food and beverages? Do you receive free headphones for the entertainment system? Or even, ascertain the cost and, in case you have any available from previous flights, take your personal.

Tickets – will there be a supplement charged fro buying your ticket with credit cards or debit card? Must you purchase online check-in and/or airport check-in? If that’s the case, how much?

Transfers – how far is the airport from your own final destination? Do you know the likely transfer costs? Are there any flights that head to more proximate airports?

Automobile Travel

The most expensive component of automobile travel cost is fuel. Therefore, before you embark on your journey, fill at the cheapest filling station in your locality. Simultaneously, fill up a petrol. This will serve you well on your journey if you want to top up your fuel because you have not been able to locate a reasonable priced filling station. Of course, it will drastically cut your recovery costs in the event that you are unfortunate enough to run out of fuel.

Secondly, if embarking on a lengthy journey, it may ultimately save you substantial cost if you join a motor recovery scheme. The cover will normally last you per year and will save a substantial amount should you have a breakdown on your travels.

Thirdly, check your tyre pressure before departure. Not only will this make your journey safer but proper tyre pressure also reduces fuel consumption.

Finally, use the air conditioning wisely. Air conditioning use includes a draining effect on your fuel reserves.


Whilst the cost of travel is really a necessary evil, if we want to go on vacation or are obliged to wait an important business meeting, it really is hoped that by following these tips you will be able to gain access to the least expensive travel – by trains, planes and automobiles!


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